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About Us

FOLKUS packages the sustainable practices of Black folk with innovative material science and manufacturing.

FOLKUS products are a medium to
tell a story, to transfer knowledge and to write a new chapter on sustainability. FOLKUS represents the lived experience and contributions of Black folk across an array of domains and aims to expand how we celebrate, cope and connect through Black culture and environmental stewardship

Many eco-friendly products are smoke and mirrors – inferior quality, expensive, ugly and barely move the needle toward sustainability.

Sustainable products need a hero. FOLKUS is that hero designing beautiful, multipurpose, durable, sustainable goods inspired by the ways and means of Black folk.

Our Design Philosophy and Values

We try to pack a lot of functionality into each of our products, so that you buy less, yet do more with FOLKUS products. We think this helps to reduce excess and waste and simplifies life.
Material Science
Plain and simple, the materials used in FOLKUS products matter. We are on a quest to use materials that can disrupt and innovate in meaningful ways.
We mitigate pollution, waste and climate harm in the manufcturing process and zero tolerance for inhumane work. We foster pathways to economic and social mobility.

Why Paper?

My connection to sustainability was
fostered by my grandparents.  My
grandparents had a gift for reimagining and transforming everything they touched. Nothing went to waste; they were life-giving folk. My grandparent’s method of sustainable living was a means to an end, to achieve social and economic mobility.

For my grandparents sustainable living was a yielded mindful consumption, minimal waste, low environmental impact.                      

Why Stone?

Paper naturally emerged as the starting point for FOLKUS sustainable products.  The daily consumption of traditional paper is undeniable and the negative impacts of deforestation and the toxic, resource-intensive manufacturing process. When thinking of how FOLKUS could reimagine paper, I drew inspiration from the lived experience of my grandparents.

FOLKUS multipurpose stone gift wrap helps consumers infinitely reimagine the gifting experience and repurpose the same paper repeatedly. A single roll of FOLKUS wrap can be used for gift wrap, table runner, drawer liner, backdrop, floral wrap,chilled beverage wrap. 

FOLKUS Stone Paper is Resistant To...


FOLKUS is the 2021 winner of the

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