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The Eleanor -- Vegan Leather Stone Paper Journal (Written in Stone)

$20.00 $25.00
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Color Options: Butterscotch, Mint or Salmon

Set of 3:  The default set includes 1 mint, 1 butterscotch and 1 salmon.  Please specify in your order notes if you would like a different combination (e.g. 3 Tan).

Color way Inspiration:  The Eleanor color way was inspired by my time spent with my paternal grandmother, Eleanor.  When we attended church or a funeral (a.k.a. "services") together, my hope, my prayer was that my grandmother's pocketbook would be filled with mints, not butterscotch and after service we would consume fresh, hot, perfectly seasoned salmon cakes. 


Vegan Leather Hardcover Journal, featuring FOLKUS Stone Paper Written in Stone™ 

  • Tree Free Paper, manufactured without water or bleach
  • A5 Size: 5.70 inches x 8.26 inches (145 mm x 210 mm)
  • 96 Ruled Stone Paper Pages
  • Liquid, Tear, Grease, Bacteria Resistant
  • Interior Document Pocket
  • Satin Bookmark Ribbon
  • Elastic Closure Band
  • Pen Holder